What goes into the world’s best shrimp, and Florida’s best shrimp delivery service? It’s a combination of beautiful, clean ocean water fed by St. Johns River, and a dedicated chef and businessman willing to bring the highest quality, locally sourced crustaceans right to your door.

The shrimp industry is fast changing, with nearly 70% of all shrimp consumed in the US last year being imported. This makes Awe Yesh Shrimp Companies mission of delivering the best tasting and freshest shrimp available even more prudent. They takes pride in delivering shrimp with rainbow tails and red legs, clear signs of freshness! This combination of passion and circumstance has led to the creation of Florida’s best shrimp delivery service; Awe Yesh Shrimp Company!

Awe Yesh Shrimp Company is a business created with an immense about of pride. Even the name has a personal story inspired by a dear late friend of the community, whose catch phrase was “AWE YESH”,” which he would yell every morning when he walked into his fish shop most days of the week. You can also learn a lot about Tom by his philosophy on cooking, “if it’s not good enough for my grandmother, then it’s not good enough to put in the window.” Now that’s the kind of guy you want handling your shrimp!

The future is bright for Awe Yesh Shrimp Company, with goals of servicing North East Florida, as well as a potential shrimp deli at Angie subs and even hot spot delivery, for convenience and expanded delivery options! To contact Awe Yesh Fish Company and find out how to get your hands on the world’s best shrimp, call today at 904-365-3101

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