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Understanding and Navigating our Feelings

June 23rd, 2018

Feelings are a human commonality. Each and every one of us has them. Something takes place, or we observe something, and it has the ability to elicit feelings deep within us. We have the ability to feel strongly about something just as easily as we can feel nothing at all about something else. We can feel compelled or emboldened by something or we can feel as if we’re being held back by something else. We can feel supportive of something or we can feel like working against it. Our feelings are very powerful, and they are a constant throughout our existence. Understanding their origin, impact,... Read More

Superhero Fatigue? Pshaw!

June 23rd, 2018

I’ve seen Avengers: Infinity War three times. While the fandom of some folks leans toward Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars, I’ve always been a Marvel Zombie. As a small child, I partially learned to read from the comics, and the characters helped me develop what passes for a moral code. But there’s one thing that’s nagged at me ever since Iron Man was released — do these films absolutely have to be live action? Consider the aforementioned Infinity War. According to the Wall Street Journal, the most recent installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe had a production budget... Read More

Angels for Allison – For Parents Suffering from a Loss of a Child

November 3rd, 2017
Angels for Allison Volunteers

The Allison Brundick Haramis Foundation One of the most painful experiences a parent could experience is the loss of a child. Secondly, is experiencing this with little to no support. The foundation believes that families in need should never carry the burden alone. There are many amazing volunteers in the Jacksonville area who are ready and available to help families in need. “Founded in memory of 15-year old Allison Haramis; was tragically killed in an auto accident in April of 2009. Her family and friends wanted to create a living legacy of her joyous spirit by giving back to those in need,... Read More

World Food Day with Katie Doss, UF Master Gardener

October 16th, 2017

“The lack of access to proper nutrition is not only fueling obesity, it is leading to food insecurity and hunger among our children.” (via source) Today is World Food Day. As a girl I pretended to tightrope through perfectly tilled furrows between ridges upon ridges of brilliantly hued strawberries, peppers, okra, broccoli, crowder peas, and onions. For dinner, I plucked tomatoes straight from their wire cages in mom’s Midwestern garden. We have long since relocated to The Sunshine State, and my mom – Katie – is still growing and promoting personal and environmental health by... Read More

Mental Health: Don’t Fake It

October 4th, 2017

“Don’t fake being OK. You only hurt yourself. Be real with what you’re going through.” (via source) MENTAL ILLNESS AWARENESS WEEK …Did I say free? Wait, got ahead of myself there. So, the first week of October is Mental Illness Awareness Week, sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). As a member of NAMI-Jacksonville, I’m compelled to give you the not-so-inside scoop on how we’re honoring World Mental Health Day (October 10th). NAMI-Jacksonville is hosting peer-to-peer recovery classes Tuesdays and Thursdays from October 10 to November... Read More

Silas & Simon ( The Two Si’s) – An Important Cause

September 26th, 2017

Local artist Silas Beach and photojournalist Simon Cobb, featuring the original painting and available print. If you recall my last article was about a fascinating gentleman by the name of Silas Beach, the well respected local artist here in the Clearwater area. He painted a masterpiece on the front of the Tampa Bay Times the night of Hurricane Irma. Please read that article because I now find myself a part of my own story. We need help and support to bring awareness to what Silas and I have been working on tirelessly for the past week and more. We have recreated this piece of artwork so it may... Read More